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Your Guide To Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys

Immerse yourself into the vibrant underwater world of the Florida Keys, where an abundance of marine life beckons adventurers to explore the depths on a scuba diving adventure. In this easy-to-skim-through guide, by 1800 Atlantic, you will get a taste of what scuba diving in one of the world’s most coveted dive destinations will be like. Tucked as deep as you can get into the tropical paradise of Florida Keys, our Key West vacation rentals boast luxury, comfort, and convenience. Be our guest and indulge in our Olympic-sized heated swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, fully equipped kitchens, gated garage parking, and more.

When To Go Scuba Diving in the Florida Keys

One of the most alluring charms of the Florida Keys is the tropical maritime climate, with plenty of sunshine year-round. This makes our little slice of paradise an ideal destination for scuba diving. Click here to learn more about how scuba diving conditions vary between the months.

Our 3 Favorite Scuba Diving Sites in Key West

  1. Looe Key Marine Sanctuary: Located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Looe Key is a protected reef teeming with marine life. This vibrant reef system in the Florida Keys is home to a kaleidoscope of coral formations, sponges, and an array of fish species perfect for a scuba diving adventure. Looe Key Watersports and Captain Hook’s Looe Key Reef Adventures are fantastic places for scuba diving tours.
  2. Vandenberg Wreck: This is a world-class advanced scuba diving spot in the Florida Keys. Captain’s Corner Dive Center and Lost Reef Adventures offer fantastic scuba diving tours ideal for experienced divers. Come and explore the world’s top wreck, as readers in Scuba Diving Magazine voted, and the second-largest artificial reef.
  3. Joe’s Tug: Enjoy a scuba diving adventure into one of the most popular sights in the Florida Keys. This artificial reef was created by a tugboat named “Joe’s Tug,” which sank intentionally to provide an exciting dive site. It is home to an abundance of marine life, such as moray eels, soft and hard coral growth, barracuda, large sponges, and crabs and lobsters looking for dinner aboard the sunken ship.

From the breathtaking coral reefs to mystifying shipwrecks, unveil the secrets of the ocean floor on an unforgettable scuba diving experience in the enchanting Florida Keys. Book your trip today with 1800 Atlantic!

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