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Some of Our Favorite Florida Keys Wildlife

Travelers come from far and wide to journey into the distinctive Florida Keys wildlife. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is an essential home to more than 6,000 species, and the only coral barrier reef in the entire continental U.S. Explore the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail and Florida Keys State Parks for the adventure of a lifetime immersed in unspoiled natural scenery. 


Watching for Florida Keys wildlife can also be done from the comfort of your Key West condo rental. 1800 Atlantic has a luxurious selection of Key West vacation rentals as far as you can travel into the Florida Keys chain of islands. Indulge in fully-equipped kitchens, views from your private balcony, a dip in our massive heated swimming pool, and much more. 

9 Wildlife Species Only Found in the Florida Keys

  1. Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit: These are the smallest marsh rabbit subspecies and are also among the cutest Florida Keys Wildlife. 
  2. Key Ringneck Snake: Snakes might be a little scary to some people, but rest assured that Key Ringnecks are the smallest species in the Colubridae snake family
  3. Key Deer: Come and gander at exclusive Florida Keys wildlife with a trip to the National Key Deer Refuge.
  4. Florida Keys Mole Skink: Underneath the rocks in the sandy areas of the Florida Keys is where these creatures call home. 
  5. Lower Keys Striped Mud Turtle: Sights of these adorable turtles can be found throughout Florida. There is a protected population nestled in the lower Florida Keys.
  6. Bartram’s Scrub Hairstreak: You can watch for these endangered butterflies in the lower Florida Keys and Miami-Dade County. 
  7. Florida Tree Snail: Look for these vibrant Florida Keys wildlife species with multi-colored shells wrapped in variations of pink, emerald green, yellow, chestnut, or orange. There have been over 50 color variations spotted on Florida Tree Snails. 
  8. Florida’s Coral Reefs: Florida’s Coral Reef started forming over 10,000 years in the past when the last ice age ended and caused sea levels to rise. Over 45 species of Stony Corals and over 35 species of Soft Corals can be found on the Florida Keys beaches.  
  9. Gulf of Mexico Sea Turtles: The Florida Keys is home to the highest density sea turtle wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. 

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